A Unique Experience

The Lake Hotel Polonnaruwa is designed to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. Being located right next to Parakrama Samudra, every room has a breath-taking view of the reservoir. Thanks to the nature-oriented approach of the hotel, our guests have the opportunity to see wild elephants, who come close to the premises, from their rooms. Our guests can also enjoy bird watching and observe fishermen at the Parakrama Samudra.

Making use of the beauty of Parakrama Samudra, the infinity pool is created to appear as if it is continuing from the reservoir. Complementing the rich heritage surrounding the hotel, our dining options include authentic Sri Lankan dishes while the Western cuisine is available upon request.


Video Tour

Here is a sneak peek of the the endless beauties of nature and the luxurious comforts at The Lake Hotel Polonnaruwa. An ideal Holiday getaway venue for you and your loved ones.